What is the most important thing in packaging design?


 In the packaging design, functionality is always the first place. No matter what kind of shape is designed, it should be given with the principle of simplicity, in line with the ergonomic structure, forming a product safety and convenient packaging for users.

Color must meet the emotional and aesthetic needs of consumers in the packaging design. As the carrier of packaging, the material is the material basis of reflecting the design thought.

After the packaging design meets the basic requirements of products, we should consider more that the design reflects the product, brand, enterprise and other different connotations, and the performance of the connotation part is the aesthetic expression form.

 Commodity packaging designers must have the cultural heritage of marketing. Without this cultural background, it is difficult to make scientific points for marketing environment and consumer psychology.

 It is difficult to determine correct marketing strategies on the basis of market segmentation, including product strategy, price strategy, channel strategy, promotion strategy, competitive strategy and diversified business strategy; it is more difficult to segment the international market and adapt to the increasing trend of economic globalization, making packaging design conducive to developing the international market.

 Packaging design should be based on the profound cultural heritage, and the future commodity packaging design should give full play to the supporting role of modern science and technology, moral psychology, aesthetic consciousness, marketing strategy and other cultural elements. Because the modern market competition is not limited to the core products and product entities, the competitive advantage in addition to the brand, quality, more emphasis on the high added value of the commodity packaging. Only the commodity packaging design workers have a high level of science and technology, moral quality, sensitive tax market insight, rich imagination, intelligent thinking and bold innovation spirit, in the development of China's future packaging industry to make contributions worthy of The Times.