The packaging design of personality performance


Personality in the modern packaging to win the competition in the magic weapon, it with vivid shape, bright color, unique artistic language expression of packaging appeal point, make packaging more attractive, causing people can not help but bloom happy smile

Personality is in the packaging design, through the use of an interesting plot, clever arrangement, to create a full of interest, thought-provoking artistic conception. The reason why personality is popular is that through the emotional combination of the affirmation of beauty and the mockery of ugliness, it creates an interesting and intriguing personality situation, which urges the audience to intuitively understand the real concept and attitude expressed by it, thus producing a special effect of knowing smile.

Personality packaging can meet people's psychological needs, personality integration in the packaging, we enjoy the physical information to bring us, unconsciously create new psychological feelings. The fast-paced modern life brings people too much mental pressure, and the relaxed and pleasant life atmosphere has become the popular expectation. Therefore, people are more likely to accept the relaxed, cheerful and humorous personality packaging way.

Personality packaging can satisfy people's aesthetic value and is a kind of high wisdom and high emotional artistic expression, and gag, through both witty, banter, and dignified, serious personality induced by smile, emphasize objective true, good, the nature of beauty, packaging will be rich more powerful interest and higher artistic realm. This fully meets the new aesthetic requirements of the people. figure There is a recognized principle in the design world about exerting the psychological efficacy of design, described as "attention-interest-desire-behavior", and later added memory, trustworthiness and other factors. It can be seen that the first condition to make the packaging design to be able to make consumers accept and have interest and desire to the consumption behavior is to attract people's attention.

Through the packaging of graphics visual stimulation of consumers, so as to fully mobilize their enthusiasm for thinking, so that the formation of memory process plays a catalytic role and deepening effect. This goal can generally be achieved by using the following methods. ① Funny technique of expression, that is, with language, action, image and other ways to expose the contradiction and special place of the object, so as to be the simplest and most simple way to attract the attention of consumers. ② Jocular technique of expression, that is, the use of relaxed, implicit, witty, funny laughter to break the conventional visual image, enhance people's visual interest, bring people pleasure and comfort, and in pleasure at the same time to strengthen their curiosity and memory of packaging design. ③ Exaggerated expression technique, by pushing the characteristics of things to the extreme and create the disharmony between experience and facts, thus producing and strengthening the personality effect, so that the appeal of packaging design theme distinct and vivid expression. ④ The ironic technique of expression, with a contempt or even arrogant and sarcastic temperature control to attack the expression of the concept or competitors, so that the communication and propaganda more effective and inflammatory, let a simple personality rise to a more calm and profound personality.

In packaging design, color often has a kind of preemptive power. In terms of far-view effect, color communication is better than the transmission of graphics and words.